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Irena Vacheva PhD

Hello, I am Irena Vacheva, PhD. I have studied social studies in Paris, then I had a Master degree in Science of Information and Communication in Marseille. My PhD degree is in Finance.

I am certified Master NLP coach, Gestalt therapist and a professional Family and Business Constellation Facilitator.

My heart is with family and systemic constellations. I am certified facilitator for Integral Constellation and evaluation technique in Italy.

My work is based on Osho, Teal Swan, Svagito, Bagat Zaylhofer, Francesca Mason Boring, Shavasti, Tarika, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Primal therapy and Inner child work.


Inner child

If you want to change your life you can make a connection with this hidden and forgotten part in yourself – your inner child.